Laboratory has all the necessary for qualitative and quantitative analysis. Filters R&D engineers carry out experiments everyday with several purposes, such as the qualitative analysis of raw materials and process fluids which are used for test campaign. Furthermore, lots of measurements are carried out for the validation of new analysis methodologies for the Oil and Gas service.

Finally, R&D engineers collaborate with Filters Service to solve any eventually issues occurred on Customer’s field.

Laboratory is equipped with a chemical hood and with the following main instrumentation:

  • FT-IR Shimadzu IR-affinity 1S
  • Viscosimeter Myr VR3000
  • Microbalance Radwag Mya5.4YF
  • Spectrometer lasers TOPAS LAP 321, TSI 3330 and 3910
  • Particle counter HIAC PC4000
  • Thermostatic oven MEMMERT
  • Air sampling pump
  • Vacuum extraction lab equipment
  • Oil-mist automatic sampling pump DRAEGER