Company Profile

FILTERS® was founded in 1989 and has since achieved excellence in the field of specialized and custom made filters for industrial purposes.

Today Filters® combines outstanding know-how in filtration and separation technologies with in depth experience in engineering, providing equipment, technology and services for the Oil & Gas, Power Generation and Chemical industries, and excels in all fields where filtration and separation require high technical competence and product quality.

Filters® develops, designs, builds and integrates advanced technologies into its products.

Filters® – challenge made easy.

How we work

Filters®’ business philosophy is based on a commitment to provide quality services that do not merely “get the job done”, but create value for the client. FILTERS® is constantly searching to promote tactical approaches to solving filtration and separation problems and works closely with its clients during this process.

Continued client fidelity in this highly competitive field is a strong indication of FILTERS®’ efficiency and reliability in the field of excellence.

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