Spare Parts Service

The use of Filters® original spare parts is the best practice to protect and improve the reliability of static and rotary components, throughout  the machinery's  life cycle.
Filters® spare parts strategy adopted is targeted to obtain maintenance plans aimed to customer's  needs.

The scope is to:

  • Optimize  on-site  maintenance frequency  
  • Minimize the risk of critical component  breakdown  
  • Provide  upgrade service for obsolete equipment

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Quality and Answer promptness

Each day , plants  show their down time resulting  in great economic loss.
Customers need a quick and reliable response to their urgencies
Our internal procedures are  organized to face these functional problems.    



Filters®  increased investment in new technologies year after year,  focusing on results obtained by improved reliability and availability,  less environmental impact  and increased production.
Continuous  research and upgrade  of obsolete components is striving to improve our machine  performance  at  the lowest economic rebound.



Filters®  guarantees the supply of  "life time spare parts"  for each component.
Our capability in manufacturing  and distribution  of  SAVARA and FLEXIDER  filter spares , having acquired  several years ago,  the Industrial Filtration Division of "GILARDINI FLEXIDER -GILARDINI SAVARA" ,  assures our customer the reliability  of our jobs. 

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