The test bench is designed to evaluate the filtration performance of hydraulic and lubrication filter cartridge and vessel according to ISO3968 and to analyse electrostatic discharge generated by fluid cross through filtration media. The test bench is full automatically controlled by computer with a specially dedicated software for the acquisition and control of process data. By means of this Control System it is possible to manage the process variables, such as oil operating temperature and flowrate.

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The test bench has been designed to execute test in two different configurations:

  • Configuration 1, allowing tests for the evaluation of filter cartridge and vessel performances
  • Configuration 2, allowing tests for the analysis of generated electrostatic discharge

The test bench is composed by a clean filter line to execute the cleaning cycle at the start of the test.

By means of Control System the operator can set the desired configuration. The Control system also allows the remote control of the tests and performs all the automatic controls, the main control loops are:

  • Oil flow control, the flowrate is maintained constant using a flow transmitter that controls the inverter of the pump
  • For low flowrate an actuated bypass valve has been considered switching from the high flow pump to the low flow pump
  • Oil operating temperature, it is controlled using a Pt100 that controls thermal resistances inside the oil tank storage

The electrostatic discharges are measured using a collector and a probe installed inside a special designed filter.

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The Control System also performs the safety control loops in case of any malfunction, stopping the test and bringing the test and bringing the Plant in a safe state.