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Spare Parts Service

The use of Filters® original spare parts is best practice in order to protect and improve the reliability of static and rotary components, throughout machine life.
Filters® spare parts strategy is aimed at creating maintenance plans tailor made to customer needs.

The scope is to:

  • Optimize on-site maintenance frequency
  • Minimize the risk of critical component breakdown
  • Provide upgrade services for obsolete equipment

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Quality and Answer promptness

Shutdown times result in economic losses.
Companies need a quick and reliable response to their emergencies: Filters® can give their customers just this, thanks to their internal organization and procedures.


Filters® have increased investments in new technologies year after year, focusing on improved reliability and availability, lower environmental impact and increased production.
Continuous research and upgrading of obsolete components is an example of how Filters® is striving to improve their machine performance at the lowest economic cost.


Filters® guarantee the supply of “life time spare parts” for each component.
Thanks to Filters® acquisition of “Gilardini Flexider – Gilardini Savara” all their spare parts are guaranteed.